漢鈞公司推廣新世代最新設計: ManTis 極致微量液體自動分注器
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漢鈞公司推廣新世代最新設計:"ManTis 極致微量液體自動分注器"


More Than a Reagent

The MANTIS® Liquid Handler provides a novel approach to reagent
dispensing that provides researchers with an alternative to traditional 
air displacement pipetting.

  • Industry leading CVs promote reproducible science
  • 6 µL dead volume conserves precious reagents
  • Dispense range from 100 nl up provides ultimate flexibility for       assay miniaturization and optimization
  • The easiest to use liquid handler - period.


Enhance Laboratory Efficiency

Efficient research means that reagent dead volumes,
tip consumption, and reaction volumes are minimized. 
The MANTIS liquid handler dispenses volumes from 100 nL
to 100s of mL allowing researchers to commonly run 2-5 µL
reaction volumes in genomics and screening workflows.



Generate Reproducible Data

Since liquid handling imprecision impacts experimental
reproducibility, researchers consider CVs to be a vital factor
when considering the automation of their research.  The MANTIS
utilizes positive displacement dispensing, which experts widely
regard as the most reproducible technology for liquid handling.



Supplement your liquid handling arsenal

The specifications of pipettes and traditional automated
liquid handlers deteriorate at volumes under 2 µL. 
These solutions utilize large numbers of costly pipette tips,
and are associated with dead volumes in the 100's of µLs. 
By adding the MANTIS to your liquid handling arsenal, you
can increase the reproducibility and quality of your research
as well as the throughput and efficiency of your lab.